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"Town Warmth, Great Love with You" Charity and Public Welfare Series Activities

On May 26, 2018, the “Town Warmth, Great Love with You” charity charity jointly initiated by the Shenzhen Expressway Interlaken Town Project, the Guizhou Artists Association Children’s Art Committee, the Guizhou Deaf Association and other institutions The series of activities were held as scheduled in the town of Interlaken, Shenzhen Expressway.

With the theme of "Town Warmth, Great Love, You", the sign language song "Insects Flying" was performed, guest representatives spoke, and charity fundraising awards were presented. The atmosphere was warm and touching.

The Shenzhen Expressway Interlaken Town Project collects children’s paintings and deaf-mute children's themed paintings from the society online, which will be exhibited after being reviewed by the Guizhou Artists Association and converted into charitable materials for the blind, deaf-mute and donated in the form of charity sales. child. Shenzhen Expressway has always shouldered corporate public welfare responsibilities, repaying the society with loving public welfare activities again and again, and has also won praise and recognition from the society.

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