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Shenzhen Expressway provides free pass service for 1.53 million vehicles during the Spring Festival

Since the launch of the Spring Festival Transport in 2017 on January 13, Shenzhen Expressway Group Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Expressway) has strengthened management and services. Road administration and toll collection employees have adhered to their jobs and relieved traffic peaks in a timely manner to facilitate the transportation of fresh agricultural products and the return of citizens during the Spring Festival. The township provided traffic guarantee during the festival, and the highway under its management maintained a good record of no major accidents during the Spring Festival. During the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, the Shenzhen Expressway straight pipeline section provided free tolls for 1.53 million fresh agricultural products and passenger cars with less than seven seats in compliance with the policy, and a total toll fee of 23 million yuan was reduced.

Shenzhen Expressway directly manages the expressways in the Shenzhen area including Meiguan, Jihe, Yanpai, Yanba, and Nanguang, and at the same time manages Longda and Yanjiang (Shenzhen Section) expressways, with a total highway mileage of 185.25 kilometers and a total of 44 toll stations. , About 73% of the vehicles entering and leaving Shenzhen need to travel on the roads managed by Shenzhen Expressway, with an average daily traffic volume of more than 600,000 vehicles. Shenzhen Expressway takes the promotion of social transportation efficiency as its mission, guarantees road safety, smooth flow and high-quality services as its quality policy, and actively fulfills its social responsibilities. Since the beginning of the Spring Festival Transport in 2017, Shenzhen Expressway has carried out guarantee work from four aspects

One is to actively provide free release services for "green channels" and small passenger cars with 7 seats or less. The Spring Festival transport period is not only the peak of carrying fresh and live agricultural products (all kinds of New Year's goods), but also the peak of returning home and visiting relatives during the Spring Festival. Since the beginning of the Spring Festival, the traffic volume has increased day by day, and the peak daily traffic volume has exceeded 700,000 vehicles, which puts great pressure on toll traffic. Shenzhen Expressway has ensured safe traffic on all road sections by opening toll channels and adjusting toll schedules. . Among them, seven days of the Spring Festival are free periods for passenger cars. Shenzhen Expressway has strengthened inspection and free release services. A total of 1.53 million vehicles were released for free during the seven days, a year-on-year increase of 3.1%.

The second is to make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of roads. Before the holiday, more than 40,000 travel guidelines and promotional pages were issued. Through the traffic radio FM106.2, "Southern Metropolis Daily", "Shenzhen Special Zone News", "Shenzhen Evening News" and many other media, the guideline for expressway travel in the province during the Spring Festival was issued to the society. During the festival, travel information services are provided to the public through various channels such as road section information boards, company extranet, WeChat, and Weibo. In terms of trailer rescue, the straight pipeline section is equipped with 12 rescue trailers of various types, including 7 cranes, 3 multifunctional cranes, 1 floor crane, and 1 30T crane to ensure the timeliness of road rescue.

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